Business Coaching

Working with the leaders of the business and the team the purpose is to define a structure, direction and sustainable path to achieving the business and individuals goals.  

The essential elements of Business Values, Goals and Vision will become clear and solidified, allowing the Leadership of the business to focus on their core function with a unified direction forward.  The process involves the teams, individuals or the company as a whole to drive effective and fruitful relationships and working partnerships.  

Coaching and mentoring for career starters to mid level management can provide a number of benefits to the individual as well as the business; 
* goal setting & accomplishment
* job / career satisfaction
* increased feelings of value
* performance efficiency & productivity
* conflict management
* increse senlf confidence
* decision making processing 
* self awareness
* navigating the workforce
* succession planning & new leader development
* culture management & employee motivation
* employee retention
* increased loyalty 
* increased connection to team
* early notice of issue development

Business Coaching is especially helpful when the business leaders are heavily involved working in the business deliverables. Setting goals for the organisation, accountability for deliverables and coaching / mentoring to strengthen skills is important for the business growth and individual development.

"Wonderland was instrumental in working with my team to set up new systems and measures giving myself and my management team the tools we need to ensure we achieve our company and personal goals while creating a solid team culture .
Danni was a critical factor in the success of a company acquisition where we needed to consolidate teams and systems - the final outcome being a solid successful team ready to go to the next stage of our growth."

Marnie Hammond, Managing Director, Café Culture+Insitu, July 2015

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